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Chemical Processing

Aerotech Processing is fully certified and proficient at various modes of chemical processing.

Anodize: As anodizing specialists we offer many different anodizing processes as well as seal choices. We are approved for Mil-A-8625 as well as BAC (Boeing), PS (Boeing/McDonnel) , SS (Sikorsky) and other prime specs. TY I, IB (Chromic) TY II, IIB (Sulfuric) Ty III (Hardcoat). Special strengths in masking, multi process and critical hardcoat. Phosphoric Anodize and adhesive bond primer coming soon!

Pre-Penetrant Etching Per many prime specs including Boeing, Northrup Grumman, SpaceX and others.

Chem Film In addition to yellow Alodine, Aerotech also performs TY II Chromate Conversion IAW Mil-DTL-5541 TY II. We are one of the few Nadcap and Prime approved facilities to offer both types. Mil-DTL-5541 TY I Alodine TY II RoHS non-hex chem. film

Passivate: We perform passivation in accordance with QQ-P-35, AMS2700 and ASTM967 in addition to other prime specs. We have in house testing via 24 hour humidity testing as well as copper sulfate.

Non Destructive Testing

Aerotech's Non-Destructive testing methods ensure the quality and durability of products before they are shipped to you.

Liquid/Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection: We offer both immersion and spray application in order to meet your needs. We perform LPI in accordance with Mil and ASTM specs as well as Boeing, Sikorsky and other prime specifications.

Magnetic Particle Inspection: We offer MPI in accordance with Mil and ASTM specs as well as Boeing, Sikorsky and other prime specifications.

Prime and Paint

Aerotech Processing has state-of-the-art painting facilities

Our paint department has 24 foot downdraft spray booths with full environmental control. This ensures that the parts are being sprayed at the correct temperature in a dust free environment. Our paint capabilities include primers, masking and topcoat to many application specs, including Mil-Spec, Boeing, Sikorsky and Northrup Grumman.

Our highly skilled painters are experienced in dealing with complex detail parts and regularly paint such parts with outstanding results. This includes difficult colors such as lusterless (flat( black and gloss white.

Quality testing is done throughout the process to ensure adhesion and coating thickness and appearance requirements are met.


Aerotech Processing has highly qualified staff offering hands-on quality masking

Masking is a crucial part of any processing operation.

Here at Aerotech we have two separate masking areas. One is for chemical processing and the other is for prime and paint.

Our chemical processing masking area is staffed by experienced professionals who utilize the latest and best tools for the job. We have our own in house ability to make and cut repeatable masks from either a sample part or via a file. We also use a multitude of caps and plugs as well as peelable and solvent-removable masking .

Our masking area is also specially ventilated at each work station so that no solvent vapors affect our crew. This is another example of our commitment to doing things the right way.

The paint department has its own masking department that utilizes tapes, capes, and plugs in order to service the spray operation. This area is also staffed by experienced professionals who specialize in a highly detail-oriented area.

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