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Purchase Order Requirements

All information must be filled out completely to avoid delays.

1. PO #

2. Part #

3. Raw Material condition – i.e. 2024-T3

4. Drawing revision level

5. Must supply a print or sketch

6. Processing specification/instructions with the latest revision level – i.e. Chromic Acid Anodize Type 1 per MIL-A-8625 Rev F

7. NDT Processing specifications/instruction also require NDT method, inspection criteria & product level of sensitivity to be used – i.e. Fluorescent Penetrant Inspect Type I method A sensitivity level 3 per BAC5423 (inspection criteria) & BSS 7039 (method), other example; FPI per ASTM E1417, type 1 method A, level 3, inspect per MIL-STD-1907. Note all specification must have latest revision level on PO

8. Any special instruction that may be applicable to these parts – i.e. special packaging requirements

9. Quote value – i.e. the min lot charges or the per piece price