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Aerotech Processing Solutions

Aerospace and Commercial Processing

Aerotech Processing Solutions is a NADCAP-certified, special processing facility serving the aerospace, defense, and other high tech industries. We provide an extensive range of processes in our 30,000 square foot facility.

The Aerotech advantage is our people. Our team is led by highly trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer requirements. In today’s world, that means high quality at a competitive price with fast turn around and excellent service.

At our core, we offer aluminum anodizing and hardcoat services that significantly exceed the military and prime aerospace specification requirements. We do this with proprietary chemistry, equipment, and procedures utilized by our highly trained team of surface finishing professionals. Our chemical processing capability includes TY I,II,III anodize, phosphoric anodize, chromate conversion (TYI and TYII) and passivation.

In conjunction with both chemical processing and painting, we have a large professional masking department. We can accept Auto-Cad and other files for masking templates as well.

We also offer Non-Destructive testing in both Liquid Penetrant (LPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) to Military, ASTM and Prime specs.

Additionally, we are now offering standard commercial finishing services. MasterCoat is our proprietary anodized finish that has the beauty of the finest decorative anodizing with abrasion resistance and hardness approaching that of military-grade hard-coat.

Highly experienced personnel
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President, Jeff Almeyda

Jeff is an expert in chemical processing with a specialty in aluminum processing. He has written multiple papers which he has presented to both The Aluminum Anodizing Council and the International Hard Anodizing Association. His paper “Tank Optimization for the Job Shop” was awarded “Best Presentation of 2015” by the Aluminum Anodizing Association.

Vice President and General Manager, Glorianne Zyskowski

Glorianne is a highly trained experienced surface finishing professional with years of experience in both the automotive and aerospace industries. She is trained and experienced in Quality Systems as well as Lean Manufacturing and Finance. She manages the team on a daily basis to ensure that our customer requirements are met and exceeded.

Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Kevin Pope

Kevin has a great deal of sales and anodizing experience with Aerotech Processing and related companies.

Quality Manager, Peter Totaro

Peter is our chemist and engineer. He is currently a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering and is in charge of ensuring that our processing is superior on every level.

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